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Hybrid cloud platform. Virtualization. Security. Databases. VoIP Telephony. Secure access for branches throughout the country.

The success and management of a project of magnitude requires the
use of proven methodologies, with the necessary expertise
on each product and technology to be deployed as well as a
precise analysis of the client's needs.  

IT structure rethought

A customer that required a large-scale reform of its computer systems

The customer needed to carry out a large-scale restructuring of its computer systems, including software, applications, servers, networks and communications in order to meet market demands, improve customer service and achieve the structural changes that would allow them to expand their operations and solve operational problems. At the same time it was necessary to provide sales employees with secure online access to information and systems, while securing remote offices in the country was another critical point to be solved. Tools were required to improve decision making that could generate statistics, trends and analysis with up-to-date and accurate data, a situation that posed a great challenge since the integrity, diversification and, therefore, the quality of the data was a problem that had no direct solution and led to endless problems.

Insetec is responsible for aligning and controlling the different developments, maintaining a meticulous verification of the achievements and take corrective actions, supervising the investment and ensuring the efficiency of the process.

  • Software re-engineering. Migration of Cobol applications to a multilayer design that centralized the information in a database engine with Microsoft SQL Server technologies, the design of desktop applications in Delphi language, the assembly of numerous websites for internal and external use running with Microsoft .NET Framework web technology.
  • IT infrastructure. It covered the necessary technological update to provide the sustenance, reliability, tools and scalability required for the project. During this stage, a Novell platform was migrated to an integrated Microsoft solution, the Identity Management solution was based on Active Directory, while for web services, security and IT management, solutions from different software and hardware vendors were implemented. 
  • Communication & Networking. All the branches in the country were interconnected using VPN networks, which resulted in an excellent cost-benefit ratio, while adding new voice and data services, achieving a VoIP solution that was integrated into the telephone PBXs, significantly reducing the costs of communications and support. For the control of Internet links: bandwidth, traffic prioritization, control and load balance, Linux systems were used, achieving a dynamic architecture, capable of tolerating failures and being easily expandable with a minimum cost and proven efficiency.

We believe that technology can be a decisive driver in the promotion of human progress.
We work to provide the best tools that allow our clients to achieve all their objectives.


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