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Troubleshooting of a high security network structure with replicated directory services.

The IT department of CMS Energy Argentina contacted us regarding serious network problems that affected the administration, security, permissions, centralized control and auditing of the network and devices. Applications were unstable, remote admin tools were randomly failing, and users could not logon between different departments.

Network optimization

Secure administration, centralized control and auditing.

CMS Energy Argentina trusted Insetec to troubleshoot, diagnose, and optimize the network directory services, in order to solve serious problems that affected day to day operations, security and control of users.

Insetec in its initial diagnosis found that most of the problems were based on the directory services of the network. A more exhaustive analysis showed that the situation was even more complex since it included geographically dispersed units of the company which are interconnected through slow links.

The challenge was posed, the work should give effective, accurate and guaranteed results because it could not cause interruptions in the service and should allow the company to continue operating even during the execution of tasks.

Based on standardized methodologies, the application of best practices and a thorough contingency plan for each step of the project, Insetec developed and executed a work plan divided into stages: specific analysis of the problem, definition possible solutions, laboratory tests, plan for contingency, implementation in the production environment, measurement of results and documentation. The success of the work required significant coordination and close teamwork. This approach made it possible to exceed customer expectations by solving the problem completely while improving, optimizing and adding fault tolerance mechanisms to the critical network services for the company.

  • Compliance with company security standards
  • Non-stop operations during the execution of tasks
  • Coordination and teamwork between the company and Insetec
  • Automation and programming of deferred processes
  • Administration and remote support
  • Migration of servers and network services
  • Optimization of use of WAN links

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