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DataCenter Relocation

The client trusted Insetec to carry out the migration and relocation of its main DataCenter in a new building. The value added technology and a multi-vendor approach made possible to achieve a service availability greater than 99.99%.

The system kept online, always

The problem of providing non-stop services in complex network structures,
  supporting permanent data flows, 365 days a year.

The client trusted Insetec to carry out the migration and re-assembly of its main data-center, relocating it in a new building. Using a complex deployment of state-of-the-art technology from various manufacturers, a structure with availability greater than 99.99% was created. The technical consultancy allowed to put into operation, update and secure the servers, the network and the apps.

THE CHALLENGE: Systems had to be online even when they had to perform maintenance on the servers. The structure would contemplate being able to carry out restarts, changes and updates of hardware in production as well as modifications in the software with the possibility of evaluating the results and being able to revert changes if necessary. If a system or application were compromised it was essential to isolate the module involved without losing remote administration functionality. At the network level, the operation of any of the connectivity nodes should be contemplated to maintain the operational status of the infrastructure at all times. All the components in a service required to be protected from failures of electrical or cooling systems.

  • Cluster of HPE servers and storage with remote administration.
  • Redundant and dynamic network topology with maximum interruption of data flow of 1 seconds implemented on 3COM technology with 2 fiber optic connections per server and multiple access routes to connectivity nodes on each floor of the building.
  • Double feeding electrical system with uninterrupted power supplies.
  • SAN solution with multiple fiber optic and copper links interconnected to service clusters.
  • Software architecture based on the Windows Server platform using redundant network services and load balancing, application development in multiple layers, use of transactions and distributed components.
  • Balance of thermal load thanks to automated equipment and sensors.
  • Integrated data and video networks.
  • Network core speed of 32 Gbps
  • Network speed to each workstation of 1 Gbps for more than 350 stations.
  • HPE server dual array farms fault tolerant based on Microsoft cluster technology.

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