Remote training via a collaborative framework between Argentina and Spain.

Thanks to the e-learning platform, remote support and network connectivity between sites, Insetec's e-learning division offered customized and modern training for the IT personnel of ITS Duero.

Tools without Distances

A project that crossed oceans seeking academic excellence and real field expertise.

Thanks to simplified connectivity and joint work, Insetec's training division offered the client a modern and immediate solution to training the IT staff.

THE CHALLENGE: Provide instruction in key points of technological development to the personnel of a company separated by more than 10,000 physical kilometers. The client required with urgency to have the necessary resources so that the technical department reached the objectives of execution of works based on specific technologies in which they wished to venture.

  • THE SOLUTION: Through an advanced teleconference system, and with modern resources of mutual interaction, Insetec provided comprehensive training in several areas:
  • Corporate line of server equipment, its configuration and maintenance.
  • Perimeter network security based on Microsoft ISA / TMG Server solutions.
  • Administration and support to Microsoft Exchange and Windows Server systems.
  • SQL Server technologies and transactional databases.
  • Configuration and support of web services based on IIS.
  • Training in technical consultancy with real cases, in order to solve complex situations within stipulated times.

We believe that technology can be a decisive driver in the promotion of human progress.
We work to provide the best tools that allow our clients to achieve all their objectives.


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