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Hyper-converged (HCI) private cloud solution, including post-setup support and Datacenter training for the IT stuff.

Supporting the goverment initiative to "Deploy and upgrade their mission critical Datacenters", Insetec carried out an intense work in conjunction with IT areas to successfully deploy, inteconect and further migrate to an HCI (hyper-converged-infrastructure), providing a comprehensive solution to administer networks, software and hardware with long-term support.

Technological innovation

A comprehensive project from start to end, to keep up on cutting edge technology.

Dynamic workloads, automatic resource reallocation, software defined networks, “all the features the IT stuff wanted” delivered on-time! The administration of the network was simplified, the tools available were multiplied. The coordination and work between areas of: software development, infrastructure engineers, network administrators, and end user technical support stuff played a fundamental role to achieve a transparent migration to the new datacenter. The teamwork allowed to adhere to an enhanced computer security framework that covers the mentioned areas. Once the tasks were completed, a follow-up and test process was carried out, allowing to “polish” minor details and verify the effectiveness and success of the project.

Changes were very difficult to make given the high level of complexity, the hardware had to be reconfigured leading to possible network failure or systems going offline, impossibility to “undo” changes, test or reassign resources. Troubleshooting was a tedious and time demanding task. The datacenter was hard to administer, problems were difficult to isolate, and there were many bottlenecks that impacted performance adversely.

At the same time, there were many tasks delayed over time, core systems needed to be updated, networks were unsecure and vulnerable, monitoring was partial an inefficient, database servers were performing slowly, the overall workload had to be expanded in order to support new users, services, systems and applications, the timeframe to adopt new technologies needed to be as short as possible.

  • Operating systems were migrated to the latest available editions of the Windows platform.
  • The electronic messaging services were updated to solutions based on Microsoft Exchange.
  • Added logical and physical security layers to the data network.
  • The branches were interconnected using private networks, and the Firewall software was migrated by a highly flexible and scalable solution.
  • 4 directory domains were consolidated to achieve a sectorized and secure administration.
  • Web servers were migrated to support the most recent programming and protection frameworks.
  • Approximately 1.8M of files were migrated, totaling a volume of information of 140TB under a new scheme of secure and cental data storage.
  • The 14 physical servers were consolidated into new state-of-the-art equipment.
  • The network hardware was replaced, the topology was modified and the design was changed from Layer 2 to Layer 3 and 4, implementing VLAN, LACP, QoS and dynamic routing. Using a multivendor solution, it was upgraded from a 100 Mbps network to a 40Gbps trunks with 10Gbps connections to the servers with redundant links. Finally, the necessary software for the monitoring, administration, detection and solution of network failures was deployed.

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