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The speed of action as a remarkable disctintive between large retailers.

Given the need to efficiently manage a complex logistics scheme,
the client called us to solve specific challenges in retail sales and
wholesalers across different geographical locations, being able to control the flow
of inventory, billing and availability of assets.

Response Time

Be first, with the right data and tools.

THE CHALLENGE: Improve stock controls. Need to keep data updated instantly between branches. Inefficient transfer speeds and webservices failures, problems that afected daily operations of the sales team, and resulted in a constant challenge for users. Additionally, the inevitable need to consolidate the different existing databases to improve management and unify processes.

  • The technical consultancy on Microsoft SQL technologies carried out by Insetec allowed the deployment of a new integral scheme of stock data flow.
  • Instant response to article availability, updates and price. Billing was centralized and controlled in a single node that, through virtual network technologies, interconnects all the branches.
  • Modules designed for commercial management through the integration of software for the automation of sales force and internal auditing procedures.
  • Network structures were improved to provide high availability and fault tolerance.
  • We provided remote support and assistance by incident to address different technical requirements of the staff.

We believe that technology can be a decisive driver in the promotion of human progress.
We work to provide the best tools that allow our clients to achieve all their objectives.


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