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Comprehensive IT infrastructure solution with centralized systems for auditable data.

As part of the organizational paradigm for a growing company, Insetec assisted OneTech in the development and administration of a new network that included data management for the mobile marketing segment, with an important focus on connectivity between more than 10 sale points and hundreds of sales force agents.

Optimize the Sales Force

Comprehensive IT infrastructure solution with centralized structure of auditable data.

A new secure and distributed network to coordinate the Sales Force, improve mobile marketing, simplify conectivity and group together heterogeneous and dispersed sales agents. Our work consisted in diagramming a logical and efficient network with the fastest and safest technologies in the market.

THE CHALLENGE: The company had a sales force distributed in numerous physical locations, with high staff turnover and diversification of information. The tools in operation were precarious to control and difficult to make allow the information to flow. The dissemination and verification of the sale procedures lacked controls that allowed to quickly apply new guidelines, products and promotions.

  • Insetec designed an IT restructuring procedure that included the implementation of VPN networks and 4G smartphones and tablets, using modern and flexible security mechanisms, fully automated and transparent to the user.
  • The entire information was concentrated in a single high tolerance repository based on Microsoft Server technologies, from where the company could start distributing in real time the marketing instructions required for daily work.
  • A scheme of granular permissions based on directory capabilities allowed to route the necessary hierarchies to provide the safest access to frequently used data.
  • Thanks to the capabilities of solutions mounted on Exchange Server it was possible to communicate securely among internal and external users, keeping tack of audits and accesses logs from mobile and desktop devices.
  • SQL Server services were also set up, through which OneTech centralized the company's billing flow, being able to interconnect the accounting, administration and sales areas in a single secure data distribution center, which meant a great leap in optimization of internal procedures.
  • All the infrastructure achieved is maintained by strict controls of remote monitoring and assurance of tolerant data in the event of a physical systems failures.

We believe that technology can be a decisive driver in the promotion of human progress.
We work to provide the best tools that allow our clients to achieve all their objectives.


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