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Virtual servers. Bulletproof databases. Constant monitoring.

The IT re-design plan, enabled Mupeduc to increase the workload by 500% with a minimal investment and hardware re-utilization. Mupeduc trusted Insetec's solutions to develop intense datamining consuming applications empowering the in-house software development. Gaining fine control over the information, allowing anywhere access to data in a trusted, secure and reliable way among heterogeneous devices and a clear way to grow up without unpredicted costs or side effects were just some of the benefits of the IT project.

Constant Productivity

Optimization of scalable resources. Comprehensive licensing.

Insetec and Mupeduc worked together to plan, deploy, test and further optimize a staggered solution to growth based on the proprietary software tools within the company. The project was supported by a hardware investment to achieve fault-tolerant equipment. In order to assure better productivity across the organization Insetec worked with internal departments to fine tune procedures, data flow and workgroup tools. An integral licensing plan resulted in a significant reduction on overall costs to support and upgrade the software.

THE CHALLENGE: the customer needed to keep systems running avoiding slowness, hangs, and offline systems to optimize the production cycles throughout the company, scale both in number of transactions and speed. The data was found to be distributed and un-connected across key company areas, lacking a centralized view of the information needed by the Director’s board. This inefficient data management mixed with hardware, network and software problems was taking down company’s day to day operations. Certain software web-services deserved a complete reengineering. Licensing schemes were unclear, applied incorrectly and were generating hidden costs and was very difficult to manage the software assets.

  • Virtualization of all servers.
  • Databases were upgraded, and segmented with dynamic resouce allocation to allow development, testing and production enviromens to co-exis.
  • User identities were implemented by means of a single Active Directory Domain.
  • Data protection policies were set-up, along with group policies to audit access to objects and resources.
  • Fault-Tolerant hardware and software services, with distributed data replication, backup and archiving.
  • Secure remote access to external associates and internal users.
  • Deployment of in-house corporate email platform with data control by enterprise wide policies and management policies over devices.
  • Network segmentation, traffic optimization with QoS (Quality Of Service)
  • Load balance and failover to support multi-ISP Internet links.
  • Complete software cycle licencing, support and life management.
  • Services monitoring 24 hours a day.
  • Help desk and end user support.
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