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Private Cloud, Privacy, Security, Goverment Compliance.

A gradual process of data reorganization to create a data centric, private clound solution, providing a toolset according to the company needs, allowed Red Comercial to find the ideal balance of investment, privacy, and services to follow the growth of the organization.

Operational Independence

Integral assembly of the IT structure with focus on data control, security and centralization.

Thanks to the work with the Red Comercial staff, Insetec was able to identify the key requirements to optimize the company's system network, renewing the equipment, tools and software to the latest versions, fully patched and secured with a multilayer architecture to provide response for day 0 vulnerabilities. Licensing support was also provided and self servicing support tools deployed to allow inhouse resource and services auto-provisioning.

THE CHALLENGE: the client had a network lacking centralized control. This meant an inefficient management of security, lack of a recovery plan, unreliable methodologies for auditing systems. The hardware and software support cycle needed a full revision.

  • Implementation of independent servers for data storage, management, access validation and authorization.
  • Simplification of main connectivity, remote access for employers, and remote agencies.
  • Web services to access mail systems and internal management tools.
  • Secure remote desktop virtualization solution to enable access to core applications.
  • Support and management of secure and distributed wireless networks.
  • Network access based on identity validation scheme and isolation according to user roles, profiles and types.
  • Re-engineering of the electronic mail system and reassembly of customer equipment installations.
  • System monitoring events 24 hours a day.
  • Assessment of data backups and archiving.
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