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Optimization of IT investments. Enduring structure. Efficient tools

We helped Raiders Jeans to empower the development of its core business unit of design, production, manofacturing and marketing of textiles. The execution of tasks within a market of this type requires a great harmony between each of the systems involved, and its technical sustainability over time.

Automation and Technical Efficiency

Investments in IT that, due to their highly cost-effective characteristics, allow a sustained and predictable growth.

Considering the need to maintain the viability of IT growth over time (including legacy company software modules), Insetec developed for Raiders an integral solution based on highly renewable hardware and a flexible investment, which allowed them to expand the capabilities of their network. The automation of maintenance tasks was prioritized and direct and remote connection nodes were implemented between distinct locations.

THE CHALLENGE: to provide a network structure that facilitates collaborative work, the interconnection of two physical locations and to secure and provide remote access to the most recent information. The storage of data required an important re-work to ensure its availability and access even in situations of physical hardware or comunication links failure.

  • Centralized validation and access permissions through directory services.
  • Secured access to information by permission segments, in accordance with internal hierarchy.
  • Interconnection of physical locations through VPN networks.
  • Secure remote connections for operators with specific requirements.
  • Virtualization of mission critical applications.
  • Data replication, and hardware with fault tolerance embedded.
  • Load balance between ISPs with automatic switching and failover.
  • Monitoring & auditing of system events 24 hours a day.
  • Remote support and self customized reports by incident type or event.
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We believe that technology can be a decisive driver in the promotion of human progress.
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