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Systems integration, virtualization, hybrid-cloud with high availability.

Commercial expansion and operational growth carry out many new technical needs, including facilitation and easy of use of technology tools, secure access to fault tolerant data. Insetec assisted Unicred in the creation of a network environment prioritizing the availability and confidentiality of access to different resources.

Scalable Operations

Adjusting a network that requires a flexible, robust and scalable model consistent with a secure environment covering many IT frameworks.

Based on prooved solutions for highly complex networking models, where scalable operations are a must, we defined a series of development upgrade cycles for Unicred, so that the client could restructure the whole infrastructure, predicting the investment required for each phase within the resources available. The operations were not affected during the process.

THE CHALLENGE: to adapt a network that did not have a centralized control, distributed access to resources and lack of traffic policies. The customer needed new schema of flexible, secure, and scalable administration. Day to day operations had to be guaranteed by providing hardware and services fault tolerance. Redesign network connectivity between hosts to minimize problems and to restore performance was also challenging. To apply enterprise wide data backup and retention methodologies.

  • Installation and maintenance of cluster servers with high levels of fault tolerance.
  • Virtualization of all critical systems.
  • Segmentation of internal networks with control perimeters based on user roles.
  • Secure data storage repositories with off-site replication, deduplication.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Central identity administration of access to resources based on directory services.
  • Automatic ISP switching and load balancing of Internet links.
  • Energy and environmental control, with automated shutdown in case of severe events.
  • Wireless networks with host isolation, secure validation and self provisioning.
  • High performance Databases optimization.
  • Delegation of administrative functions and network policies assurance.
  • Shared data management and hierarchical customization of audited access.
  • Support and 7x24 monitoring.
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