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We love to find creative and dynamic ways to show our clients a little bit about our services and products. We invite you to discover some of the announcements that we have distributed our official channels.

All the technology

All that you are looking for, find it in Insetec.

Fifteen years. The best technology.

We celebrate 15 years of growth in the market
inaugurating a new brand image.

We renewed our website

Insetec inaugurates its renewed website for
IT consulting services and we celebrate it with a video.

Tell me if it sounds familiar

We are here to make it work.

We repair Kitties Curiosities

When kittens plays out with tech, Insetec is
at the service of the affected devices.

Overwhelmed by Technology

Do not let technology overtake you. Before taking drastic measures , bring it to Insetec.

Childrens + Technology = Insetec

When the kids discover technology, remember that our
Technical support services are available to repair it.

We believe that technology can be a decisive driver in the promotion of human progress.
We work to provide the best tools that allow our clients to achieve all their objectives.


1530 12th St.
La Plata, CP 1900
Buenos Aires, Argentina

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+54 (0221) 452 1778


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